Deliverables / WP5 - Dissemination

The dissemination workpackage was closely linked to the other WPs as it inform and communicate externally about Compass4D progresses, events and main achievements. Several information material has been produced such as flyers and brochures. In 2015, Compass4D hosted a successful Final Event and Demonstration in Bordeaux at the ITS World Congress.

pdf compass4d_d58_final_brochure.pdf (9.6 MB)pdf compass4d_d58_final_brochure.pdf (9.6 MB) 

Deliverable 5.1: Compass4D Standard Presentation pdf 1.2 MB

This documents aims at providing information about the visions and goals of the overview of the compass 4D project.

Deliverable 5.1: Compass4D Fact Sheet.pdf pdf 172.7 KB

The Fact Sheet is a document meant to give an overview of the project aims, services, partners and management at a glance.

Deliverable 5.3: Dissemination Plan.pdfpdf 2.5 MB 

The Compass4D Dissemination & Communication Plan includes the project’s overall communication strategy; identifies the stakeholders and interlocutors related to the project; and presents the internal and external communication channels and tools that will be used throughout the project.

The plan then defines the dissemination strategy of the project, as well as detailing the contribution expected from each partner.

Deliverable 5.5: General Leaflet.pdf 4.8 MB

The general leaflet is meant to give more information about the Compass4D project to the public. It describes the three services of the project and gives a succinct description of the pilot sites. It also gives short and simple information about the project partners, the duration and the project budget.

Deliverable 5.6: In-Depth Brochure.pdf pdf 24MB 

This brochure provides a short presentation of the cities that were chosen for the pilot test.

Deliverable 5.7: Target Group Leaflet pdf.pdf (3.3MB) 

The work of Compass4D is driven by the needs of cities and road authorities, which play a central role in the project as providers of real-time traffic information from infrastructure to vehicles. As a key distinctive factor, the focus of the project is also on users of cooperative ITS services. Therefore, this document identifies five different target groups for whom benefits are highlighted:

  • Public authorities and cities
  • Emergency services
  • Public transport
  • Taxis
  • Trucks / fleet operators

Deliverable 5.9: Final video 

The European project Compass4D focuses on three services which will increase drivers' safety and comfort by reducing the number and severity of road accidents as well as avoiding queues and traffic jams. Compass4D will also have a positive impact on the local environment by reducing vehicles' CO2 emissions and fuel consumption. (November 2015)


 D5.8: Final Brochurepdf .pdf (9.6 MB)

This brochure provides a description of the three cooperative services piloted in the frame of Compass4D.



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