The objectives of WP3 "Operation" are to:

Compass4D pilot sites have started baseline data collection in November 2014 and the operational phase (Compass4D services activated) was in general started in March 2015 until November 2015 (some variations apply for some sub-systems at some sites).

This 1-year pilot in seven cities can be summarized in the following table. A lot of experience and lessons learned was collected and are reported in Deliverable D3.3 (pending submission)..

After Compass4D ends, the seven pilot sites have agreed to keep the Compass4D services running in 2016, some sites having already extension plans (more fleets, more infrastructure, new services).



Deliverable 3.1: Operational Plans.pdf 

The objective of this deliverable is to define common operational methods and pilot management procedure among Compass4D pilot sites. It ensures that all the pilot sites work in a coherent way towards the same goal. It also ensures that all the pilot sites have the required information, facilities and support from the application/platform providers and the WP2 partners. Furthermore, clear support procedures are defined, so that problems reported by users will be handled quickly and efficiently.


Deliverable 3.3: Pilot operation report.pdfpdf 2.3 MB

This deliverable reports on one year (Nov 2014 – Nov 2015) of piloting C-ITS services in the seven cities involved in the Compass4D project. It is not intended to report evaluation results (cf D4.2 deliverable) but rather the operation of the 116 ITS-G5 roadside units, 251 ITS-G5 equipped vehicles and 712 3G-equipped vehicles involved in Compass4D. This generated a lot of experience and knowledge gained by the Compass4D partners and involved stakeholders, which is captured in this deliverable.


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