Deliverables / WP1 - Project Management

The main objective of this work package is to ensure effective project management of all project activities.

Deliverable 1.1: Quality Plan.pdf 425.3 KB

This document sets out and defines the Compass4D Project Quality Management System. The Project Quality Management System is a set of tasks and procedures, additional to those employed to carry out the technical work of the project with the aim of ensuring that the work and results are of uniformly high quality.

Deliverable 1.3: External Liaison Plan.pdf pdf 474.7 KB

This document specifies how the liaison with external entities will be done, by whom, when and what the liaison objectives for cooperation with a specific partner are.

 Deliverable 1.6: Publishable final report.pdf pdf 3.9 MB

The Compass4D achievements with respect to each objective are summarised below together with the challenges and essential lessons learnt from technical, organisational, and economic standpoint in relation to actual feasibility, benefits and long term sustainability of the piloted C-ITS services. Communication and dissemination achievements as well as success in terms of after-project life are also described.

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