ITS Congress - Session: (SIS05) ITS for energy efficiency

Time and place

Date:  17 June 2014
Time:  11:00 - 12.30
Place:  Messukeskus (Room 206), Helsinki (Finland)



Jean-Charles Pandazis - ERTICO - ITS Europe (Head of EcoMobility) (Belgium)



Jaap Vreesvijk - IMTECH (Netherlands)

Ahmed Nasr - HERE (Belgium)

Daniel Zackrisson - Volvo (Sweden)

Wolfgang Hoefs - EC-DG-CONNECT (Belgium)

Marcia Pincus - US DoT (USA)

Matthias Unbehaun - TISA (Belgium)



The EC targets the reduction of transport CO2 emissions by 60% from 1990’s levels by 2050. The transport sector contributes with 24% to the total CO2 emissions in the EU, from which 17% is generated by road transportation. ITS can make a significant contribution to the reduction of CO2 emission if successfully deployed. Innovative ITS systems and services are already at the basis of significant improvement of vehicle energy management. This Session will present the different contribution of ITS measures for reducing CO2 emissions and discuss a possible reward process for their deployment.

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