International Conference Connected Vehicles

Time and place

Date:  18 September 2014
Place:  Crowne Plaza - Le Palace - Brussels

Connected vehicles hold the promise of increased safety, better network efficiency, improved traffic management and reduced environmental impact.

Car makers, mobile-network operators, insurers, IT solutions providers all are looking towards this new market to boost their sales and turn the upcoming eCall regulation into a source of profit rather than an additional cost.

However, connected vehicles can only be developed as part of a standardised eco-system. The question is: how can actors from very diverse industry backgrounds co-operate to set up profitable business models and avoid the chicken and egg dilemma? Regulation, big data, multi-industry cooperation, these are the key drivers of the next paradigm shift in transportation.

This International conference, held in Brussels, will bring together policy makers, public authorities and executives from a broad range of sectors to discuss the future of smart mobility and the opportunities and risks in developing products and services to build up an ecosystem of connected vehicles and intelligent road networks.

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