Cities deploying together for cooperative mobility

Time and place

Date:  05 June 2013
Place:  Dublin, Ireland

organised in the framework of:
9th ITS European Congress

Dublin, Ireland – 5th  June 2013

Title: Cities deploying together for cooperative mobility
Organiser: Anita Toni
Moderator: Pierpaolo Tona

Invited speakers:
Gert Blom – City of Helmond
Matthew Vincent - Siemens
Steffen Rasmussen – City of Copenhagen
Francisco Sanchez – CTAG
Zeljko Jeftic – IRU Projects


Nowadays the deployment of Intelligent Transport Systems represents a key solution to improve road safety as well as enhance energy efficiency of road transport. In 2010 road traffic accidents resulted in the loss of more than 30,000 lives across Europe. Moreover, road congestion levels are increasing whilst road transport is the second biggest source of greenhouse gases in the EU. Several projects in Europe (Freilot, smartCEM, COSMO, Compass4D) have targeted these challenges involving local communities in the concrete experience of ITS. Cities, regions, ministries, interest associations have been involved in the implementation of cooperative urban mobility solutions. Our special interest session goal is to demonstrate how the development of cooperative systems may have positive impacts on local mobility (in terms of safety, efficiency, environment) and on local stakeholders’ services (EUROTAXI, Emergency vehicles, buses) in order to share these positive practises among municipalities, regions and category associations.

The session will focus on concrete examples in European cities aiming at stimulating a wide deployment of ITS solutions and how they can improve communities’ life. Our goal is also to establish a base for future political discussions, decisions and local cooperation for deployment of ITS with special focus on cities.

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