6th ETSI ITS Workshop

Time and place

Date:  12 February 2014 - 13 February 2014
Place:  Berlin - Germany

The 6th ETSI Workshop on Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) is scheduled for 12-13 February 2014. The event, kindly hosted by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (DE) will take place in the city of Berlin, Germany.

ITS is said to be happening in the year 2015, upon the completion of the Release 1 standardization package for Cooperative ITS and the completion of the associated European Commission Standardization Mandate M/453.
Although implementing Cooperative ITS is very important, it is essential to continue standardization activities.

The Release 2 standardization package is already being built. This package marks the next phase of standardization for Cooperative ITS. It aims at developing standards, based on functionalities which will be agreed and deployed by the stakeholders.

Release 2 should include the additional features needed to support the deployment of more complex use cases, enable a large installed base of Cooperative ITS, and support additional available networks as required by the various stakeholders. It also includes the improvement of existing standards when new use cases and applications render this necessary.

This continued ITS standardization effort is also supported by the European Commission Rolling Plan for ICT Standardization which emphasizes that it is necessary to ensure interoperability and continuity of the services among the different systems throughout Europe to take full advantage of the benefits resulting from Cooperative ITS. The existence of common European standards and technical specifications is paramount to ensure the interoperability of ITS services and applications as well as to accelerate their introduction and impact.

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