Intelligent Transport Systems deployed in Verona with the European project Compass4D

Verona, 4 November 2013 - Today the Mayor of Verona, Flavio Tosi, welcomed the European road safety and efficiency project Compass4D to the city of Verona during a press conference organised by the Comune di Verona with the support of SWARCO Mizar and Telecom Italia.

In his welcome speech, the Mayor expressed his satisfaction of having Compass4D project in Verona. Mr Tosi pointed out “the importance and the peculiarity of the project in which Verona takes part, together with other 6 European cities, in order to increase road safety and public transport efficiency, and also to reduce the level of the urban traffic congestion. A great value for the city that, using innovative navigation systems for an intelligent transport, wants to improve not only the quality of our driving but in particular the road safety of all citizens”. The Mayor Tosi then recalled that “the city of Verona has been deeply involved in the development of advanced solutions the whole community can really benefit from. These solutions operate in the field of safety, mobility and in general in all the services for the citizens”. The Mayor has thanked the partners SWARCO Mizar and Telecom Italia for the important collaboration with the Verona Municipality in carrying out the project.

The political message of the Mayor was reiterated by Lorenzo Fontana, Member of the European Parliament, who stressed the importance of political support at national and European level in the harmonised deployment of cooperative services across the EU. According to the MEP Fontana, smart and efficient means of transport have a big impact on the everyday life of citizens and the local economy but they need adequate support from local governments and public authorities.

Pierpaolo Tona, Compass4D coordinator and project manager at ERTICO highlighted the key role of Compass4D at European level: "We are working on an excellence in Europe, merging the interests of public and private stakeholders working on the deployment of a better pan-European transport system. We intend to put intelligent transport systems in the hands of all citizens and the general public”.

Compass4D brings over 300.000 Euros of EU funding to the city of Verona to deploy three services: Red Light Violation Warning, Road Hazard Warning, and Energy Efficiency Intersection. In Verona, one of the most advanced cities in Italy in terms of ITS cooperative systems, vehicles will be gradually equipped with in-vehicle units which will communicate with roadside units and will also be usable in the other six pilot cities.

Vito Mauro, Member of the Supervisory Board of SWARCO Group, said: "Connected vehicles are now a reality: they talk to the infrastructure, exchanging important real-time data for traffic efficiency and safety. SWARCO believes in, and is investing a great deal in the market for cooperative systems. We have been working for years together with car makers on this; particularly important are the results achieved through the partnership with Audi, which are demonstrated live today, here in Verona. Compass4D project will give a significant push towards the deployment of this new traffic control systems generation in Europe."

In addition to these technologies, for the first time in Europe, the pilot site will test the use of the LTE (Long Term Evolution) technology, launched by Telecom Italia (another important partner of the project) in May 2013. The LTE offers a data transmission with a download speed up to 100Mbit per second and an upload speed up to 50Mbit per second, allowing the broadcast of high definition contents.

“Telecom Italia - Sandro Dionisi, Director of Telecom Italia Lab, said - has been involved for years in research activity to develop sustainable mobility solutions and to deploy the pan-European eCall service (eCall), which represent innovative solutions of Intelligent Transport System. Today, thanks to the increased availability of TIM mobile ultrabroadband and LTE, with its low latency, we can offer data services to support a more effective smart mobility and the Verona pilot of the project Compass4D is a practical example of this”.

The press conference was followed by an international workshop on the current status and imminent trends of intelligent transport systems and a live demonstration of the services on equipped cars moving in Verona city centre.

In addition to Verona, Compass4D will equip with cooperative ITS services the cities of Bordeaux, Copenhagen, Helmond, Newcastle, Thessaloniki, and Vigo.

The project is coordinated by ERTICO - ITS Europe and consists of 33 partners: City of Copenhagen; City of Helmond; Newcastle City Council; City of Vigo; City of Verona; Region of Central Macedonia; Traffic, Ministere de l’Ecologie, du Développement Durable et de l’Energie (MEDDE); Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH); Automotive  Technological Centre of Galicia (CTAG); Equipos de Señalizacion y Control (ESYCSA); EUROTAXI; Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA); GEOLOC Systems; Institute of Communication and Computer System (ICCS); IDIADA Automotive Technology; French Insititute of Science and Technology, Developments and Networks (IFSTTAR); IMTECH Traffic & INFRA B.V.; INFOTRIP; IRU Projects; Mathias Paul Ewald (MAT); Siemens; Swarco Mizar; Telecom Italia; TOPOS Aquitaine; TNO; University of Newcastle; Vialis; Vitrasa; Volvo Technology; V-TRON.

For more information on the project, please contact:
Pierpaolo Tona - Compass4D Project Coordinator
Tel: 0032 02 400 07 30

For all media & press enquiries, please contact:
Carla Coppola - Communications and Media relations
Tel: 0032 02 400 07 45

Compass 4D is co-financed by the European Commission under the CIP - Competitiveness and Innovation Programme and is coordinated by ERTICO - ITS Europe
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Note to the editor:
About Compass4D and the City of Verona
The Compass4D pilot site is located in the city centre of Verona and will involve not only public services such as buses, taxis and cars from the municipality, but also citizens’ private vehicles who will be able to use the 3 Compass4D services. More specifically, 5 cars from the municipality, 5 taxis and 10 buses of the city’s public transport will be equipped with ITS G5 compliant on board units which will communicate with 25 cooperative ITS G5 compliant road side units that will be installed in strategic points of the city. Additionally, 2 cameras will be used in streets where high speeds are usually detected.

In addition to the implementation of ITS G5 compliant road side units used for short range communication, for the first time in Europe, the pilot site will test the use of Long Term Evolution (LTE), also known as 4G, for “day-one” C-ITS applications, through the collaboration with the national telecom operator, Telecom Italia, also a partner within the Compass4D project. The core of the application is the OMNIA platform, configured to deliver dynamic traffic light information (GLOSA) for all the signalised intersections operating in the city. The outcomes of this demonstration will reveal the commercial aspects of the different technologies and cooperative applications deployed, in comparison with their usage and advantages, to the traffic management operators and end users.

Public vehicles (public busses, emergency vehicles) will get green light priorities at intersections, when appropriate. Equipped private vehicles, either with ITS G5 OBUs or tablets, will receive real time speed advice to cross the intersection in front with the green. Furthermore, the user groups in Verona will be offered additional cooperative safety related services such as the Red Light Violation Warning (RLVW), which supports the driver through in-vehicle notifications when a potential red light violation can occur (for example, by an emergency vehicle), and Road Hazard Warning (RHW) which reduces accidents by warning drivers about queuing traffic in blind spots, or hazard situations ahead.

Compass4D is a new type of EU-funded project which does not target research but concrete deployment of services.

Compass 4D is co-financed by the European Commission under the CIP (Competitiveness and Innovation Programme) and is coordinated by ERTICO - ITS Europe

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