Compass4D Workshop on Cooperative ITS for Road authorities

The automotive industry is working more and more on communication between vehicles. You can see a lot of interesting examples on the road already. The interaction between vehicles and the infrastructure is also very promising. The next step towards implementation can only be made with the support of road authorities, who see cooperative ITS as a part of the solution to their mobility challenges.

So, what kind of problems can we solve with which solutions?

And which role do you have to take as a road authority?

On April 1st we will organize a program at the Automotive Week, focused entirely on road authorities. The morning program consists of 3 keynote speakers and will conclude with a network lunch. The afternoon program consists of 3 different workshops, following the same themes as the keynote speakers.

Compass4D is a European project which involves ITS applications (in-car roadworks warning, speed advice, green time traffic light information, etc.) in seven European cities. It is the explicit intention to implement these large-scale systems in operational traffic management in Europe if the tests are successful. This workshop focuses on the practical aspects of introducing such systems. Audience: professional users (including transport and emergency services) and road authorities.

For more information and registration, please ckick here.

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