Compass4D services demonstrated by Dynniq at Intertraffic 2016

Following the recent announcement of a new name and new brand, Dynniq reveals how it ‘energises mobility’ at Intertraffic 2016. With mobility and parking technologies combined in one space, this four day international trade show allows Dynniq to demonstrate and share their exciting future plans.

Visitors have been meeting and talking to Dynniq’s mobility and parking experts as the company demonstrates its latest technology solutions. In the area of cooperative and connected mobility, visitors were interested in how Dynniq will connect infrastructure with individual road users - by continuing to develop the next step in traffic management. Also on stand this year, as part of the demonstration, is the next generation of the services originally piloted in the European project Compass4D.

City leaders found solutions that use scenario-based network management to improve city life; control systems that provide state-of-the-art infrastructure management; and air quality monitoring tools that can effectively reduce emissions and improve quality of life. There is certainly no stopping this ‘new’ company.

Dynniq and its parking business, WPS, has many years of experience in managing mobility, parking and energy issues and is responsible for the delivery of several progressive projects. For example, Dynniq is co-responsible for the construction of the well-publicised SolaRoad, an innovative road surface converting sunlight into energy. They are also the party behind the intelligent intersections in Helmond, Netherlands where traffic flow has been improved by connecting intersections with each other using ImFlow, and are co-developer of SCOOT, the international adaptive control system.
As Dynniq CEO Cees de Wijs has commented, "Designing, connecting and integrating systems is what we are good at. This is also going to be our focus in the coming years; Intertraffic offers us a timely opportunity to make all of this visible to our global clients, partners and markets.”

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