Session Title: Achieving C-ITS interoperability in Europe: the examples of Compass4D and SCOOP@F

Session ID: PR05

Date & time: Wednesday, 8 June 2016, 11:00 - 12:30

Moderator: Giacomo Somma, ERTICO - ITS Europe


The PR05 session “Achieving C-ITS interoperability in Europe: the examples of Compass4D and SCOOP@F” took place on Wednesday, 8 June 2016 as part of the 11th European ITS Congress in Glasgow, Scotland.

The session included speakers from public authorities, research and users and looked at interoperability from different angles to acquaint and challenged the audience on current achievements and way forward in different settings (urban, highway, long distance).

Andrea Grisilla (IRU Projects) discussed what C-ITS can bring to fleet and road operators. City of Copenhagen representative Anders Madsen Torp and French Ministry’s Aymeric Audigé tackled the main technical challenges of implementing the Compass4D services in Copenhagen and Bordeaux. Alexander Froetscher of Austriatech analysed what is being done in terms of harmonisation of C-ITS in Europe while Lara Moura (BRISA) and Jose Manuel Martinez (CTAG) explained the role of cross tests and identifying interoperability issues in different countries like Austria, Spain, Portugal and France.

You can consult the full presentations below.




Andrea Grisilla, IRU Projects ASBL, Belgium - pdf C-ITS interoperability Fleet operator perspective (214.9 KB)

Anders B. Torp Madsen, City of Copenhagen, Denmark - pdf Compass4D in Copenhagen - Experiences and future plans for C-ITS (2 MB)

Aymeric Audigé, French Ministry / DIR Atlantique, France - pdf Compass4D / SCOOP - experiences in Bordeaux (996.2 KB)

Alexander Froetscher, Austriatech, Austria - pdf C-ITS specification exchanges between SCOOP@F and the EU C-ITS Corridor (2.9 MB)

Lara Moura, BRISA, Portugal and Jose Manuel Martinez, CTAG, Spain - pdf Next cross-testing steps in SCOOP@F (2.7 MB)


Pictures from the session


COMPASS4D @ITS Glasgow   



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