Connected vehicles (Cooperative ITS) – Road Hazard Warning and Energy Efficient Intersection Service


12 light vehicles and 1 truck coming from different pilot sites, partners and users demonstrated in the public roads of Bordeaux, each in their way, some of the services deployed in Compass4D (e.g. real time road events, GLOSA, start-stop idling, time to green and emergency vehicle alert).  Thanks to the EU-US cooperation a joint demonstration on CO2 monitoring has been proposed at the Compass4D stand (B95).


Bordeaux Demo video - Piloting cooperative services for deployment




Part 1 :

While driving on the Bordeaux roads the vehicle interacted with cooperative roadside equipment at traffic lights controlled by Gertrude (the Traffic light Management Centre of Bordeaux). These offered energy efficient services on a smartphone including: GLOSA (Green Light Optimal Speed Advice) which indicated the speed permitting to avoid stopping at a traffic light; Start/stop idling which told participants if it was worthwhile to stop your engine at a traffic light and when to get ready for departure, and; Time to green provided a countdown to the colour change of a traffic light to green.

Part 2 :

While driving on the Bordeaux ring road the vehicle received road safety messages  from the local Traffic Management Center Alienor controlled by the DIR Atlantic. For example, road events like a broken down vehicle and an alert for a pedestrian on the road have been displayed on the smartphone and on the closest VMS (Variable Message Sign). Finally a patrol vehicle informed participants of mobile roadworks.

Part 3 :

Back at the stand the result of your demo route and of the one year Compass4D pilot with data on CO2 monitoring (EU-US cooperation) and fuel economy thanks to the energy efficiency services have been displayed. Statistics on the impact of C-ITS has been shown too.





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