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What do the seven European cities Bordeaux, Copenhagen, Helmond, Newcastle, Thessaloniki, Verona and Vigo have in common?

They are all advanced in terms of cooperative systems deployment and they are all willing to further invest in road safety, energy efficiency and congestion reducing measures. This is what Compass4D is about!

This three-year EU co-funded project will deploy three services in these cities in order to prove the concrete benefits of cooperative systems for citizens, city administrations and companies. Compass4D will start by piloting its services for one year on 334 vehicles, including buses, taxis, emergency vehicles and private cars, reaching more than 550 users.

Vehicles will be equipped with interoperable on-board units that will "communicate" in real-time to road side units installed along the roads, for example to inform drivers about an incident on the route or to indicate a red light violation ahead.

The Compass4D services are:

Red Light Violation Warning (RLW)

Road Hazard Warning (RHW)

Energy Efficient Intersection (EEI)   

Compass4D C-ITS coverage map

User Benefits
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