Delivery trucks must travel through urban areas. Frequent stop-and-go traffic requires all vehicles to use more energy than needed. This is especially true for heavy-goods vehicles. C-ITS services can be used to streamline the trip,reducing emissions and improving travel time.

Cities can establish circulation plans to give priority to trucks on particular routes and at specific times, and incentivise truck drivers to respect specific delivery routes and times. Cooperation establishing communication with infrastructure enables trucks to travel through the city more efficiently, while at the same time improving the environment for the citizens.

  • Reduce fuel consumption and particle emissions: within the scope of the Energy Efficient Intersection (EEI) service, drivers are provided with information about traffic signals. The speed can thus be adapted to the changing of the traffic signals and the number of stops can be reduced.
  • More reliable transport time: the Energy Efficient Intersections (EEI) service can provide priority to particular vehicle types, including trucks. By using roads with this service, the transport time will become more reliable and it will improve the service to customers. At the same time, it will encourage drivers to use routes recommended by public authorities or to use roads at certain times of the day.
  • Improved safety and driver comfort: with the provision of traffic information and traffic accident warnings in advance.






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