Taxis are present in the streets of all cities, ranging from a small share of the daily trips to a large percentage of the traffic flow in the city centre. That is why they have been selected as one of the first fleets for the deployment of the Compass4D services. They cover the mobility needs of citizens for an important market sector and are an excellent complement to public transport.

A more fluid road traffic network greatly improves their work conditions and for this reason they have been equipped with dedicated Compass4D cooperative systems. By being able to carry their clients more quickly to their destination, taxis will also be able to serve a higher number of people.

The Compass4D services increase the economic benefits and the road safety for everyone by enabling the reduction of road accidents and the improvement of travel efficiency with the support of RHW and EEI.

  • Reduction of fuel consumption and emissions: due to the reduction in the number of stops during their trip making use of the EEI service.
  • Avoidance of traffic jams: along the major roads due to the early advice provision provided by the RHW.
  • Increase of driving comfort: through the provision of the road conditions ahead (either congestion or traffic status change) well in advance offered by the EEI and RHW services.





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