Emergency Vehicles

On-board units installed on emergency vehicles communicate with road side units in order to influence traffic lights and obtain green light priority at intersections. Other road users are informed about the priority of the emergency vehicle and can anticipate the arrival of the emergency vehicle. Compass4D services speed-up and secure priority for emergency vehicle trips.

This is all about optimising the circulation on the road: by giving priority to emergency vehicles at traffic lights as appropriate, the Compass4D EEI service enables speeding up their journey and reducing emergency response time.

  • Time savings: the green priority works as a function of Energy Efficiency Intersection (EEI) service. The emergency vehicles receive green light priority at crossings. Therefore, and if the intersection topology allows, the EEI gives green to turning directions, and extend the red light for the mainstream traffic to enable emergency vehicles to overtake the mainstream traffic using the cleared turning lanes. As a result, the emergency vehicle arrives more rapidly to the accident location.
  • Safety (for both the emergency vehicle and the general traffic): the behaviour of the general traffic is different when emergency vehicles circulate with flashing lights and siren. This situation often leads to uncertainty among the drivers and to unpredictable situations.




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