Thanks to Compass4D services, bus drivers get support to better keep their schedules and move faster and more smoothly through the city. On-board units mounted in buses alert the driver about accidents or congestion at intersections. This benefits both the drivers and the citizen and creates more reliable public transport.

Delays and unpredictability cause problems for passengers on public transport. In addition, the challenge of getting buses efficiently through the city is well known to local authorities. Furthermore, stop-and-go driving due to traffic signals results in higher fuel consumption and emissions.

  • Improve service levels for bus passengers: information about the buses’ location is transmitted to traffic signals, and the signals are able to extend the green light or shorten the red light to speed-up bus travel. This will reduce travel time and improve punctuality, as well as increase traffic safety.
  • Reduce fuel consumption and particle emissions: within the scope of the Energy Efficient Intersection (EEI) service, drivers are informed about the speed needed to cross intersections in the green light and so reduce “stop-and-go” driving. A display on the dashboard keeps the drivers updated on how long the traffic signal ahead will be green or red.
  • Increase mobility and road safety for users: drivers receive warnings about pedestrian crossings ahead and trucks coming on to the road from constructions sites. These warnings are part of the Road Hazard Warning (RHW) services and aim to increase road safety for all road users.



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