Compass4D announced the continuation of cooperative mobility services in seven European cities for at least one year. ERTICO – ITS Europe together with the Compass4D Consortium and its Associated Partners commits to support this public-private partnership activity. 


Over the course of three years, public and private partners have worked closely together in the frame of the EU co-funded project Compass4D to implement, operate and evaluate three C-ITS services in seven European cities (Bordeaux, Copenhagen, Helmond, Newcastle, Thessaloniki, Verona and Vigo).

The results of these pilot operations proved the benefits of such services towards safer and cleaner road transport in urban areas. In order to achieve large scale deployment, however, some issues still need to be resolved in the context of proper operation of the technologies and delivering user benefits. As Compass4D was due to end in December 2015, the Consortium has decided to continue operating the C-ITS services, without EU co-funding, for at least one year with the ultimate goal of moving from pilot to large scale deployment for a self-sustained market.

“Good project results, huge commitment from all Compass4D partners, so we decided to continue the services for at least one year to solve the last remaining issues and be better prepared for large scale deployment and up-scaling”, stated the project coordinator, Dr Giacomo Somma (ERTICO – ITS Europe). “Continuing an activity without funding from the European Union is a unique decision and very much demonstrates the strong engagement of both public and private stakeholders and their trust in the role of cooperative ITS services to achieve strategic targets of safer and cleaner mobility and impact the road transport market” he added.

From Pilot to Deployment Sites

For the period of at least one year, the services piloted during the project phase will be continued. To this end, the organisations involved in the continuation of Compass4D activities have signed a pdf Memorandum of Understanding and have finalised detailed agreements for operational activities in the various Deployment Sites (pdf Bordeauxpdf CopenhagenpdfHelmondpdf Newcastlepdf Thessalonikipdf Verona and pdf Vigo) as well as for a horizontal pdf Support Activity. Through such Memorandum and Agreements, “Compass4D aims at creating trust in the C-ITS technology and reach a critical mass of cities, suppliers and users” said the strategic deployment advisor of Compass4D, Mr. Gert Blom (City of Helmond). “Finding the right business models is one of the main remaining barriers to deployment of cooperative ITS services. In the next year we are not only operating the services in real traffic environments, but also with real contracts and cash-flow streams between suppliers and users. This will give us and the whole ITS community very valuable insights, and is the last step towards sustainable deployment of the services”. For this reason Compass4D partners decided to speak about Deployment Sites instead of Pilot Sites in the new situation.

Compass4D Support Activity

ERTICO – ITS Europe, the project-coordinator, is very positive about the decision of Compass4D partners and decided to actively support the continuation of the services by establishing this initiative as an ERTICO Partnership Activity. “Not only for the project partners, but for all the stakeholders in the C-ITS community, this one year continuation will give extremely valuable insights in standardisation, interoperability and business model issues. This goes far beyond the scope of the Compass4D project. For this reason we are happy to contribute to the continuation and wider uptake of this one-year experience”, stated the CEO of ERTICO – ITS Europe, Dr Hermann Meyer. ERTICO – ITS Europe will set up a Compass4D Support Activity where partners, associated partners and any other interested organisation can meet, conduct tests and share knowledge and experiences during this one year period.




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