Vigo Danish

Number of vehicles:

20 buses

10 taxis

13 cars

2 emergency vehicles

Total drivers


Number of roadside stations:


The Spanish test site is located in Vigo, in the North Western part of the country, in the region of Galicia.

It has around 300.000 inhabitants and frenetic activity due to its diversified economy. As a consequence, the city roads concentrate the traffic flow of a metropolitan area of more than 480.000 habitants every day, including a significant amount of freight traffic.

Because of this fact and the particular growth of the city, from an urban planning point of view traffic management has become a constant challenge. The city council has consequently deployed a huge infrastructure for the control and management of the traffic flow in real time. This infrastructure includes a very advanced Traffic Control Centre which is located in the city council building.

The route selected for piloting the Compass4D services crosses the entire city centre and connects two of the main entrances to the city: the AP-9 and A-55 highways. The AP-9 and A-55 roads are currently equipped with cooperative infrastructure as they are part of the SISCOGA (Sistemas Cooperativos Galicia) corridor. Once equipped, the city centre of Vigo will have a complete area covering urban and interurban environment, available to test and deploy cooperative services.

Pilot Site Leader:

Rosa Blanco - CTAG


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