Number of vehicles:

10 buses

30 cars

Total drivers


Number of roadside stations:

3 in Verona's city centre and main arteries

The pilot site is located in the city of Verona and will involve not only public services such as buses, taxis and cars from the municipality, but also citizens who will be able to use the 3 Compass4D services, which are the most important part of the trials. More specifically, 5 cars from the municipality, 5 taxis and 10 buses of the city’s public transport will be equipped with ITS G5 compliant on board units which will communicate with 25 cooperative ITS G5 compliant road side units that will be installed in strategic points of the city. Additionally, 2 cameras will be used in streets where high speeds are usually detected. 

In addition to the implementation of ITS G5 compliant road side units used for short range communication, for the first time in Europe, the pilot site will test the use of Long Term Evolution (LTE), also known as 4G, for “day-one” C-ITS applications, through the collaboration with the national telecom operator, Telecom Italia, also a partner in the project. Core to the application is the OMNIA platform, configured to deliver dynamic traffic light information (GLOSA) for all signalised intersections operating in the city. The outcomes of this demonstration will reveal the commercial aspects of the different technologies and cooperative applications deployed, in comparison with their usage and advantages, to the traffic management operators and end users.

Citizens with equipped vehicles, either with ITS G5 OBUs or tablets, will receive real time speed advice to cross the intersection in front with the green light and remaining waiting times while stopped at a red light. Furthermore, the user groups in Verona will be offered additional cooperative safety related services such as Road Hazard Warning (RHW) which gives advice, reducing incidents by warning drivers about queuing traffic in blind spots, or hazard situations ahead.

Pilot Site Leader:

Gonzalo Alcaraz - SWARCOMIZ


Associated partners:



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