Number of vehicles:

350 taxis


1 private car


Total drivers


Number of roadside stations:

7 main urban arterial - Tsimiski Street
7 peripheral ring roads

The Greek test site is located in the city of Thessaloniki, in the Region of Central Macedonia.

Two locations in the city have been selected, one for each service. The Energy Efficient Intersection Service (EEI) will be implemented along the Tsimiski Street, one of the main urban arterials, serving more than 50.000 vehicles per day, most of them being through-traffic. Tsimiski Street is highly congested during morning and afternoon peak hours, since the central area of the city concentrates business, leisure and housing activities. A modern traffic management system was installed in the central area of Thessaloniki in 2012.

The Road Hazard Warning service will be provided along the peripheral ring road of Thessaloniki, which serves more than 100.000 vehicles per day. The peripheral ring road becomes easily congested due to traffic incidents, which are currently broadcast to drivers through various message signs.

The fleet of the Compass4D activities in Thessaloniki consists of 150 taxis from Taxiway company and 1 private vehicle, all equipped with cooperative on board units.

Pilot Site Leader:


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