Number of vehicles:

2 electric cars

11 ambulance service vehicles (non-emergency)


Total drivers


Number of roadside stations:


The British pilot site is located in Newcastle upon Tyne in the North East of England whilst the site itself is situated to the East of the city. 

The main north/south route to be covered links the suburbs of Byker and Four Lane Ends. This route is a busy thoroughfare for all transport modes and is bordered by residential and commercial properties and also provides access to a major Light Rail/Bus interchange.   The east/west is a major arterial route providing access to the Universities and civic centre areas of the city via the A1058 Coast Road and Sandyford Lane.

Newcastle will concentrate on the implementation of Energy Efficient junctions and utilise 2 electric cars from Newcastle University and routine patient transport and administration vehicles from the North East Ambulance Service.


Pilot Site Leader:



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