Helmond Nederland

Number of vehicles:

2 buses

8 trucks

2 electric cars and 4 passenger cars 

10 taxis

12 emergency vehicles


Total drivers


Number of roadside stations:

24 in Helmond
11 on the A270 motorway
7 in Eindhoven

The Dutch pilot site is based in the two cities Helmond and Eindhoven and is part of the Dutch Integrated Test site for Cooperative Mobility (DITCM), in the South part of The Netherlands. It is located in the middle of the Brainport region which consists of leading high-tech industries, amongst them many companies that are active in the automotive/mobility sector and many innovative SMEs.

The Compass4D Helmond-Eindhoven pilot builds on the already developed cooperative infrastructure of various projects including CVIS, SAFESPOT, FREILOT, eCoMove, DriveC2X, SPITS and CONTRAST. The pilot site corridor that connects the urban area of Eindhoven, the 10 kilometre A270 motorway, and the urban area of Helmond is an important route for commuters and goods transport. End-users are well represented in the pilot through the active participation of an international logistics company, a public transport operator and the regional emergency services.

All the three services from the Compass4D project will be implemented, aiming to deploy cooperative services in both an urban and an inter-urban highway scenario.

In Helmond's mobility policy (“Helmond Mobiel 2015”), a better use of existing infrastructure through the use of cooperative technology is a key element. Helmond also believes that ITS will have positive benefits for both road safety and air quality. For this reason Compass4D has a perfect link with the city of Helmond’s environmental and mobility policy objectives.

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