Bordeaux French

Number of vehicles:

up to 20 trucks

34 light vehicles

6 emergency vehicles 

Total drivers


Number of roadside stations:

A630 ring road (7)
Bordeaux urban area (15)


The French pilot site is located in Bordeaux in the South-West of the country and includes urban and interurban locations. It is managed by two traffic management and control centres: GERTRUDE for the urban and ALIENOR for the inter-urban traffic management. 

The urban pilot is located in an area with heavy traffic mainly because of the large infrastructure and a large commercial zone. The circulation is difficult, both for light vehicles and delivery trucks. The Bordeaux team has implemented a priority for emergency vehicles service and a potential red light violation of these vehicles. We have also deployed Energy Efficient Intersection services (GLOSA (Green Light Optimal Speed Advice), and idling start/stop support) services. The equipped urban site is composed of the biggest commercial centre of Bordeaux, the new stadium, the exhibition centre, the casino and a part of the boulevards of Bordeaux. This site also represents a direct access to the centre of Bordeaux both by the boulevards and the waterfront.

The interurban site covers the main ring road of the city which is part of the trans-European transport network (TEN-T network). The Bordeaux team has implemented road hazard warnings among which traffic jams, accidents, road works and vehicle breakdown. There is no limit to the types of events since we are managing all the events coming from the French national Traffic Management System called TIPI. A link is implemented between the road events standards DATEX2 and the C-ITS standard DENM in order to manage all these events in Compass4D. 

Two on-board unit platforms are provided. The first one is specially adapted to heavy vehicles by VOLVO GROUP and the second one is more oriented to light vehicles and provided by GEOLOC SYSTEMS. Both systems will provide the same services.

The French Ministry of Transport, the CEREMA SOUTH WEST and the DIR Atlantic have equipped the ring road with 7 Road Side Units, 10 vehicles with On-Board Units and smartphones and manages the inter urban pilot site. The CEREMA dTerSO Toulouse division is responsible of the evaluation of the services in Bordeaux.

GEOLOC SYSTEMS manages the urban site, has adapted the software needed for the Bordeaux site for light vehicles, and has installed 15 urban Road Side Units (RSU), 24 On-Board Units in light vehicles and 6 in emergency vehicles.

VOLVO GROUP is in charge of the deployment of the services and ITS stations on board of several heavy vehicles coming from different transport companies operating in Bordeaux. The VOLVO application is completed with a real time view of the traffic conditions in Bordeaux.

The biggest challenge of the Bordeaux pilot site is the deployment of ITS stations coming from several providers. A total of 6 providers are used some providing both Road Side Units and On-Board Units and others providing one of the two. With this we have to test the interoperability between the implementations of the standards but also of the software installed on the ITS stations. The result will be of great interest for global C-ITS deployments in the near future.

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