Road Hazard Warning


The Road Hazard Warning service uses a radio communication system to provide a variety of safety warnings to vehicles. By doing so, drivers are informed in a timely manner of upcoming, and possibly dangerous, events. The warnings can be transmitted by the roadside stations as well as by stations on-board trusted vehicles (emergency services, road operators - in case of road works). In case of an accident, the information is sent to vehicles in direct proximity, but also to other roadside stations in order to warn distant vehicles travelling towards the event location, to avoid becoming involved in the same accident or to allow them to make a detour. Once received by the unit on-board a vehicle, the warning is assessed by the system and brought to the attention of the driver depending on the risk relevance and impact on routing.

In Compass4D, the Road Hazard Warning service is operated for two categories of events: static and dynamic. Static events have a relatively long duration and are related, for example, to road works (such as a lane closed) or to a pedestrian crossing; in this case the same warning message is constantly sent to raise the drivers’ attention of a known event at a fixed place and time period. Warnings related to dynamic events deliver variable information by reacting on sensors’ inputs, for example camera’s detection of queue’s tail in a congested arterial road, or a vehicles’ detector at the exit of a construction site, or an emergency vehicle emitter sending a signal when its blue light is turned on.

Implementation of the service in:

Bordeaux, Copenhagen, Helmond, Thessaloniki, Verona, Vigo



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