Red Light Violation Warning


The RLVW service aims to improve safety at signalised intersections. Based on the information exchanged via radio communication, the situation in the intersection ahead is analysed and visual (and/or audio) warning messages are generated. These messages are context sensitive, depending on the possibility, imminence, and severity of an event. The system can target dangerous situations which occur during normal intersection operation, such as recognising events involving conflicting turns across a junction, or exceptional situations, such as a vehicle violating a red light.

A special case of RLVW is the situation where an alert must be given before the red light is actually violated. If the warning is presented after the offending vehicle has passed the stop-line, it would be too late to effectively inform other vehicles in the vicinity. Therefore, the system must be able to predict if an approaching vehicle will perform a normal, safe stop, or will definitely violate the red light. In the latter case a Red Light Violation Warning is issued. Within the context of Compass4D, the Red Light Violation Warning is currently issued to other vehicles only in the case of emergency vehicles equipped with a Compass4D cooperative system crossing an equipped, signalised intersection.

Implementation of the service in:

Bordeaux, Helmond, Vigo


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